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A Guide to Forever Sewing

Posted on September 06 2018

A Guide to Forever Sewing

Forever Sewing offer a wide range of high quality, organic clothing for babies and children so we want to help you choose the right garment for your little one!

Many of you ask us about the differences in our materials and the size and fit of our products, so to help with this, we have put together a little guide on each one of our products materials, so that to give you a better insight into our product range…

Most of our clothing starts from newborn size (0-3 months) right up to 5-6 years, and is available in up to 28 different colours and nine different font styles for personalisation.

What is so great about Forever Sewing is that you get to choose the colours, fonts and materials of your products, providing a totally unique and bespoke product for your child.

We love receiving new orders as each one is totally different, and it brings a wonderful feeling to us all when the product has been completed.


Our Forever Sewing rompers are sleeveless and suit perfectly with a little t-shirt underneath. This garment is available in one short leg style (made from 100% cotton) and four long leg styles. Our long leg styles are available in lightweight cotton, medium weight loop back, heavyweight fleece back, quilted, lightweight ribbed knit and chunky ribbed knit, meaning we have a range of materials that can be suited for your little one all year round.


Ideal for your little princess, we offer a wide selection of dress styles including pinafores, long-sleeved styles, short-sleeved styles and t-shirt dresses. Made from 100% knitted cotton, our dresses are available in both one and two-tone colours, allowing you to personalise your product and really make it your own.


Ideal for keeping your little cherub comfortable for those lazy days, we offer matching tracksuit tops and bottoms in a range of fits, styles and colour options. We have slim fitted styles and loose fitting styles that are available in a range of materials, including lightweight cotton, medium weight loop back, heavyweight fleece back, knitted cotton, lightweight ribbed knit and chunky ribbed knit. Guaranteed ultra-comfort whatever the weather.


We have two styles of Forever Sewing jackets, a long sleeved style and a gilet, both available in a quilted material. With the jackets, you have the option to choose a main, primary colour and the colour of the inside of the jacket, and the long sleeved option is reversible - two styles in one!

Shorts and t-shirts

Simple but stylish, our shorts and t-shirts are perfect for either boys or girls. With the option of lightweight cotton, lightweight ribbed and lightweight ribbed knit with both the t-shirts and shorts, we have rolled sleeve styles and two-tone colour options. Perfect for summer!


Does your little one need a bag for their school kit? Or maybe to travel with and put all of their favourite toys in? We’ve got you covered with our range of backpacks, available in six different colours. Each bag is 25cm wide, 35cm high and 12cm deep and provide a decent sized children’s bag. These have already proved to be very popular, so make sure you get your hands on one before they’re gone!


Our latest addition to join our Forever Sewing range, our new all-in-ones are made from 100% knitted cotton and are available in a hooded style and a non-hooded style. Similar to a onesie, our all-in-ones are perfect for those chilled, relaxed days and are guaranteed to be super-comfy for your little ones.

Head Ties

Providing the perfect accessory for any little girl, our head ties are available in sizes small and large. With the option of several material styles, we have lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight cotton, as well as lightweight ribbed, quilted and chunky ribbed.

If you have any other queries or questions about any of the products we stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form on our website.

Happy shopping everyone!

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